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 Wedding Bells

This week on “Tying the knot” we going to Venue Nouveau, Nestled deep in the Bronberg mountains, in the heart of Pretoria East, rests Venue Nouveau. Gracious, eclectic styled architecture opens into a natural unstructured countryside setting, with French provincial touches, surrounded by a majestic mountain range.

venue nov
Venue Nouveau

Getting married this weekend is Ilandi Devilliers and Struan Langlands from Pretoria.

ilandi and stru 1
Tying the knot – Ilandi and Struan

Their Story

It all began on 27 October 2013…

Ilandi was in her third year at Potchefstroom and Struan was doing his second year on the bee farm in North Dakota, USA. Although Ilandi and Struan both went to the same school in Knysna, they never really new much about each other.

Struan fired the first shot! On the night of the 27th, Struan was doing a Facebook cleanup by going through his “contacts” and removing unwanted friends when he came across ‘Ilandi De Villiers’. He recognised her from school and thought she was pretty, and decided to start a conversation. After back and forth messages, Ilandi finally agreed to Skype with Struan and things got real. The Skype sessions occurred daily and the feelings started to blossom. She was on his mind all day long and she was balancing feelings with studying. On 27 November, Ilandi decided that she had to meet Struan at the airport to find out if this was real or not. When Struan arrived, all tired and stinky from a 23 hour flight, there she stood…

On 27 December 2014 Struan made it official and asked Ilandi to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. The first year was both fun and difficult. Ilandi was still studying and Struan had just started his life back in SA settling down in Cape Town. The distance was rough, but they managed to make it through the year with Ilandi flying down to visit Struan when she had the chance. They both agreed that the distance wasn’t fun and that they had to be together, so Struan relocated and started a brand new adventure in Pretoria.

ilandi and stru 2

On 23 December 2015 during a family Christmas holiday in Knysna, Struan dropped down on one knee and asked Ilandi to marry him. After all the shock and many tears, Ilandi finally said yes. They now have two new additions to their family, Gilbert and Django!

A match made in heaven indeed, Black Diamond will be out there providing the entertainment, check in with us next week to see how it went down at this wedding.

To Struan and Ilandi we say….

Welcome to the Diamond Life.

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